Govinda KC and supporters arrested in Maitighar protest


January 6, 2024


Govinda KC and supporters arrested in Maitighar protest

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KATHMANDU: The police have detained seven individuals, including prominent medical activist Govinda KC, during a demonstration at Maitighar, Kathmandu.

The arrests transpired as Govinda KC and his supporters were actively participating in protests in an area declared prohibited by the government. The activist’s demands encompass immediate actions against crimes committed during the armed conflict, justice for affected families, and the expedited completion of the transitional justice process. Additionally, he called for an accountable and transparent appointment of a director at the Medical Education Commission.

Dr. KC outlined a series of demands, including the implementation of prior agreements, bolstering government hospital capacity through increased staffing, provision of free medicines, the swift establishment of the health science institute in Geta, and the establishment of at least one government medical college in each province, as mandated by the Medical Education Act. The government, however, has yet to address these concerns.