President Paudel raises alarm over rural depopulation due to lack of employment opportunities


January 5, 2024


President Paudel raises alarm over rural depopulation due to lack of employment opportunities

President Ramchandra Paudel addressing a program organized in Dumre, Tanahu on Friday/Photo: RSS

DUMRE, TANAHU: President Ramchandra Paudel has expressed concern over the increasing depopulation of villages due to outmigration caused by the lack of dignified employment and income opportunities, despite infrastructural development and facilities reaching these areas.

Speaking at the centenary celebration of Purkot Secondary School in Basantapur, Bhanu Municipality-7 in Dumre (Tanahu) today, he lamented the situation where villagers are moving away, leaving behind the facilities intended for their benefit.

“We are striving to extend asphalted roads to all these villages within the next two to four years. However, the concern remains – will there be enough residents in these villages to benefit from these facilities?” he questioned. “We seem captivated by the allure of foreign shores when similar opportunities exist within our own country. Why has this happened? I ask myself this question, and the answer lies within.”

President Paudel highlighted the significant challenge faced by the country – the brain drain and migration of the workforce. He applauded those receiving education in rural areas but expressed concern that many move to urban areas after education, contributing to the depopulation of villages.

Reflecting on his past ambitions during the 1991 elections, he mentioned his aspirations to bring modern amenities to villages, creating an environment where people would choose to stay. Despite efforts such as road construction, health posts, electrification projects, and improved facilities in villages, the trend of depopulation continues.

He emphasized the need for significant developments in agriculture, tourism, and energy sectors, stressing that prosperity and good governance must start from these foundations. President Paudel also advocated for a cultural shift towards respecting labor and emphasized the importance of education aligning with these ideals.

He proposed that developing tourism infrastructure within villages could generate employment opportunities by capitalizing on the country’s culture and natural resources. Additionally, he suggested the production and export of electricity from local rivers and streams as a potential source of wealth.

Education, according to President Paudel, forms the bedrock of national development, emphasizing the need for moral education to foster national unity and elevate citizens’ skills and ethics. He urged for an enhancement in the quality of education provided in community schools to ensure that citizens are well-prepared and skilled.

Lastly, he stressed the importance of aligning education policies and curricula with national and international standards, acknowledging the changing global environment.

(Inputs from RSS)