Transparency International raises concerns over Toyam Raya’s nomination for Auditor General


April 4, 2024


Transparency International raises concerns over Toyam Raya’s nomination for Auditor General

Toyam Raya

KATHMANDU: Transparency International (TI) Nepal has voiced apprehensions regarding the recommendation of Toyam Raya for the position of Auditor General by the Constitutional Council.

Under the law, the responsibilities including keeping accounts and conducting audits fall under the purview of the accounting officer.

Given Raya’s prior roles in similar capacities, TI Nepal has raised objections to his nomination for the post of Auditor General.

The organization asserts that in appointing individuals to high-ranking governmental positions, it is imperative to ensure the absence of any conflict of interest and to uphold principles of good governance.

Raya, formerly Secretary at the National Statistics Office, was recently recommended by the Council for the position.

TI Nepal has highlighted Raya’s previous roles, including serving as Finance Secretary until May 4, 2023, and as Secretary at the Office of the Vice-President, as well as Chief Statistics Officer at the National Statistics Office.

In a statement issued by TI Nepal, it referenced Article 241 of the Constitution of Nepal, which designates the Auditor General as the highest authority responsible for auditing all government agencies.

Additionally, the Economic Procedures and Financial Accountability Act-2076 BS outlines that anyone serving as a secretary in a ministry or central agency is considered the accounting officer.

TI Nepal’s President, Padmini Pradhananga, emphasized that the code of conduct set forth by the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) delineates ethical standards for the Auditor General.

The statement underscores TI Nepal’s commitment to upholding transparency and integrity in governance and urges thorough consideration in appointments to crucial governmental positions.