Education Minister updates House on investigation into missing TU answer scripts


April 3, 2024


Education Minister updates House on investigation into missing TU answer scripts

Minister for Education, Science, and Technology Sumana Shrestha/RSS

KATHMANDU: Minister for Education, Science, and Technology Sumana Shrestha informed the House of Representatives that a committee has been established to investigate the issue of missing answer scripts from the examinations conducted by Tribhuvan University (TU), with the committee currently conducting a thorough study on the matter.

Responding to queries raised by lawmakers during the Urgent, Zero, and Special Hour of the House, Minister Shrestha disclosed that a separate investigation committee was also formed to address concerns regarding changes in the exam schedule.

“Over the period from March 14 to April 2, a total of forty-five questions and comments related to the Ministry of Education were raised in the House of Representatives.

Investigation committees have been actively studying the issues surrounding the missing answer scripts and the disruptions in examination schedules,” she stated.

Additionally, Minister Shrestha shared that a task force has been assembled to review the criteria set by the Teacher Service Commission for teacher recruitment.

The Ministry is also conducting an examination of teacher licensing procedures and the content of exams administered by the Commission.

Furthermore, Minister Shrestha highlighted the formation of a committee comprising experts tasked with studying the suitability of teachers in the context of modern science and technology.

Regarding foreign students and medical education in Nepal, discussions have been initiated with the Ministry of Home Affairs to explore the possibility of bringing in foreign students by establishing additional medical colleges.

Minister Shrestha emphasized the classification of foreign students as tourists or non-tourists, based on their purpose of visit for higher education.

On the digital front, Minister Shrestha informed the House that the Ministry has initiated the tender process to digitize all operations conducted by TU.

Efforts are also underway to provide educational certificates, including transcripts, digitally.

Highlighting the importance of investing in education, Minister Shrestha emphasized the Ministry’s efforts to enhance the effectiveness of technical and vocational education.

She also mentioned ongoing studies on making technical education free of cost and facilitating direct integration of individuals with technical education into the labor market.