Republic established through martyrs’ sacrifices, irrefutable: Minister Sharma


March 3, 2024


Republic established through martyrs’ sacrifices, irrefutable: Minister Sharma

Minister for Communication and Information Technology, Rekha Sharma, addressing the Maoist Center's program in Dang on Sunday/Photo: RSS

GHORAHI, DANG: Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Rekha Sharma, emphasized the unassailable foundation of the federal democratic republic, stating it stands as the outcome of martyrs’ blood, sweat, and sacrifices.

Speaking at a program commemorating CPN Maoist Center’s Martyrs’ Week at Sahid Park, Ghorahi Sub-Metropolitan City -6 in Dang, Minister Sharma highlighted the importance of acknowledging the contributions and sacrifices made by numerous martyrs who dedicated their lives to establish the present political system and bring about change.

Describing the federal democratic republic as one of the most advanced political systems globally, Minister Sharma asserted that there is no room for questioning its legitimacy.

Despite criticisms from those seeking instability, she urged everyone to comprehend the historical foundation and significance of establishing the republic.

As the country approaches two decades since the initiation of the peace process, Minister Sharma acknowledged delays and emphasized the need to promptly conclude the remaining aspects of the peace process.

She assured that the government is diligently working towards this goal.

Minister Sharma, also the government spokesperson, stressed the urgency of delivering justice to individuals and families affected by the prolonged struggle for political change.

She mentioned the government’s commitment to passing a bill related to transitional justice through parliament and addressing issues concerning disappeared combatants.

Additionally, she outlined a prepared work procedure ensuring medical treatment for combatants injured during the people’s movement.

The Maoist Center observes Martyr’s Week annually from Falgun 14 to 21 as per the Nepali calendar.