UML Chairman Oli accuses President Paudel of crossing constitutional limits


February 3, 2024


UML Chairman Oli accuses President Paudel of crossing constitutional limits

CPN-UML Chairman KP Oli/File photo.

KATHMANDU: CPN-UML Chairman K P Oli has expressed his displeasure towards President Ramchandra Paudel specially for the latter’s alleged inclination towards a certain political parties.

Addressing to UML’s parliamentary party meeting in Kathmandu on Saturday, Oli criticized the recent actions of President Paudel, accusing him of exceeding the constitutional limits of his role.

Oli specifically pointed out that President Paudel has not adhered to the decorum of his position.

He accused the President of not maintaining a neutral stance and of going beyond the powers granted by the constitution, going as far as suggesting that Paudel should confine himself to his constitutional boundaries.

“Mr. President, you are not a representative of Nepali Congress, you are the President of the nation. Reside in your role, exercise the rights you have been given, and do not exceed the constitutional boundaries. You are not a representative of the coalition; you are the President of the country. Act as the representative of the nation and perform your duties accordingly,” Oli stated emphatically.

Oli raised concerns over President Paudel delivering a speech in Tanahun identifying with the Congress, asserting that Paudel does not seem to grasp the gravity of his role as the head of state.

Furthermore, Oli urged Paudel to relinquish any pretense of partisanship, emphasizing that the President should renounce any actions that may appear to favor any political faction.

In response to President Paudel’s recent activities, Oli has called for a more restrained and impartial approach, reminding Paudel that exceeding the constitutional jurisdiction could be detrimental to the democratic framework and could undermine the essence of constitutional governance.

Oli asserted that the monarchy was abolished when the boundaries set by the constitution were breached, and he cautioned against anyone, including the President, overstepping these limits.