Govt and usury victims schedule follow-up talks today


March 2, 2024


Govt and usury victims schedule follow-up talks today

Usury victims in protest/File photo.

KATHMANDU: In ongoing efforts to address issues related to usury, the government and victims are set to reconvene on Saturday for further discussions aimed at resolving the prevailing problems.

Abadhesh Kushbaha, the Coordinator of the talk team representing usury victims, conveyed that the dialogue conducted on Friday concluded on a positive note.

Both parties have mutually agreed to reconvene the following morning to continue the dialogue.

Kushbaha highlighted that the government is inclined towards reviewing the steps taken so far and establishing a framework to address the concerns of those affected by loan-sharking practices.

A diverse group of victims from various regions of the country has assembled in the federal capital, presenting a set of six demands, which include the formation of a high-powered commission to address the challenges associated with extortionate money-lending.