Nagarik Unmukti meeting erupts in violence as factions stand firm


April 1, 2024


Nagarik Unmukti meeting erupts in violence as factions stand firm

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KATHMANDU: The dispute within the Nagarik Unmukti Party, spearheaded by founder Resham Lal Chaudhary and Chairman Ranjita Chaudhary Shrestha, has escalated into violence, underscoring the deep-seated divisions within the party.

Particularly, tensions flared over the newly formed alliance with the CPN-UML and the CPN-Maoist Center, resulting in a violent confrontation on Monday, party insiders said.

During the Central Committee meeting convened in Anamnagar, Kathmandu, two leaders from Ranjita’s faction were assaulted by members of the party.

The rift between Resham, advocating for maintaining the Nepali Congress alliance in the Sudurpaschim, and Ranjita, pushing for a new alliance, has plunged the party into a state of turmoil.

The meeting in Anamnagar witnessed the Mayor of Tikapur Municipality, Ramlal Dagaura Tharu, and another leader, Ramesh BK, being attacked, both of whom are aligned with Ranjita’s camp.

The row between the faction of Ranjita and Resham precipitated a brawl as the party teetered on the edge of a split.

Prior to the altercation at the party’s central office in Anamnagar, heated debates ensued over participation in the Sudurpaschim government.

Ranjita’s faction advocates for joining the new coalition, securing a role in the federal government and the position of Chief Minister in the Sudurpaschim Province.

Conversely, Resham Lal opposes this stance, advocating for the continuation of the Nepali Congress-led government in the Sudurpaschim Province.