President Paudel for full implementation of reservation system


May 30, 2023


President Paudel for full implementation of reservation system

President Ram Chandra Paudel/File Photo

KATHMANDU: President Ram Chandra Paudel has pointed out the need to fully implement the provision of the reservation guaranteed by the Constitution.

In a message today on the occasion of the 5th National Women’s Rights Day celebrated every year on Jetha 16 of the Lunar Calendar, President Paudel has said the Constitution of Nepal has provided 33 percent reservation for women in every organ of the state and hence it is the need of the day to fully implement this provision of reservation guaranteed by the constitution.

Extending his best wishes for happiness, peace and prosperity to all those living in the country and abroad on the occasion, the President also expressed his gratitude by remembering all those who contributed to ensuring gender equality and women’s rights.

The day is observed commemorating Jetha 16, 2063 BS, when the then-reinstated House of Representatives passed four important special resolutions on Nepali women’s rights.

President Paudel has expressed his belief that this day will provide more energy and enthusiasm to the national and international efforts made to maintain gender equality while ensuring women’s rights.

Stressing the need to develop and implement women-targeted programs in the areas of education, health, employment, poverty alleviation, livelihood improvement, social security, access to infrastructure and technology, President Paudel said this was essential to ensure equal, meaningful and respectful participation of women in political, social, judicial and other sectors.

“Women are still not completely safe in the workplace, educational institutes, public places and the society with increase in incidents of violence against women and children, which is very sad”, the President said.

He said that it is necessary to put an end to all kinds of violence, exploitation, discrimination and abuse against women and children by employing all mechanisms of the state to address such activities.