Fatal assault over cigarettes: 14 apprehended in Kailali after young man’s death


November 29, 2023


Fatal assault over cigarettes: 14 apprehended in Kailali after young man’s death

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KAILALI: 14 individuals were arrested following the fatal beating of a 26-year-old, Mohan Adhikari, from Ghodaghodi Municipality-2, around 12:30 last night.

According to Kailali police, Adhikari was assaulted by a group after he refused to give a cigarette to a man during a wedding at Lamkichuha Municipality-9, hosted by Dilli Koirala.

Inspector Santosh Basyal of Kailali police stated that a disagreement ensued when Mohan declined the request for a cigarette, leading the group of youths to attack him.

“Due to their outnumbering Mohan’s friends and their intoxicated state, the group managed to overpower and assault him,” Inspector Basyal remarked.

Severely injured in the altercation, Mohan succumbed to his injuries at Tikapur Hospital at 7:35 this morning after undergoing treatment at Lal Ratna Hospital and Kohalpur Medical College.

Inspector Basyal confirmed the arrest of 14 individuals linked to the assault and stated ongoing investigations are underway. The apprehended individuals include Bibek Bhul (23), Bishal Bhul (22), Santosh Pariyar (22), Ganesh Bhul (24), Pintu Chaudhary (15), Dil Bahadur Chaudhary (22), and Puran Sarki (22) from Lamkichuha Municipality-9 Ghodaghat.

Additionally, those arrested include Birkha Bhul (28), Sonu Saud (24), Chakra Kunwar (23), Akesh Kunwar (20), Nirvan KC (23), Ramlal Chaudhary (25), and Bishal Kumal (24) from the same municipality. The detainees are currently held at the local police office in Lamki as the investigation continues.