Government considering banning Snapchat, Tinder, and Telegram


November 29, 2023


Government considering banning Snapchat, Tinder, and Telegram

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KATHMANDU: Following the recent ban on TikTok, the Nepali government is now setting its sights on prohibiting several other popular social media platforms, including Bigo Live, Likey, Tinder, Snapchat, and Telegram.

Sources said that heightened monitoring is underway, signaling a broader crackdown on platforms facilitating live content sharing similar to TikTok.

Prime Minister’s IT expert, Prakash Rayamajhi, expressed concerns about these apps, labeling them as “anti-social media” rather than social media.

“They have done nothing but spread negative content and misinformation,” he remarked in an interview with BBC Nepali Service.

Rayamajhi disclosed that the Prime Minister’s Office has assembled a team of experts to monitor these apps closely.

The government faces legal challenges, with 14 writs filed against its decision awaiting a hearing.

Bigo Live and Likey, both products of Singapore-based Bigo Technologies, are operated by Chinese companies.

Telegram, a Russian messaging app, and popular American products, Tinder (a dating app) and Snapchat (a messaging app), are also on the government’s radar.

The Prime Minister’s Office conducted a preliminary study indicating that these apps are predominantly used for uploading and sharing explicit content, negatively affecting many Nepali citizens.

The team formed to monitor these platforms is expected to submit a comprehensive report, recommending sanctions based on their findings.