Kanchenjunga area witnesses a surge in number of trekkers


October 29, 2023


Kanchenjunga area witnesses a surge in number of trekkers

A trekker stands at the Kanchanjunga area in eastern Nepal/File Photo

FUNGLING: The Kanchenjunga area in Taplejung witnessed a surge in the number of tourists during the festive season of Dashain.

Enthusiasts seeking to revel in the region’s natural splendor have increasingly turned to the Kanchenjunga area, making it their top choice for the extended holidays.

Recently, Isha Limbu, a graduate student, embarked on a journey to explore the breathtaking landscapes of the Kanchenjunga area from Taplejung headquarters.

Sharing her excitement, Limbu expressed, “I chose to visit this area during my school break for Dashain and Tihar. It’s the perfect time to experience the essence of the Kanchenjunga area.”

Accompanied by a group of 16 domestic tourists hailing from Dharan, Jhapa, and Panchthar districts, they set out to witness the awe-inspiring Kumbharkan (Phaktanglung) area in the Kanchenjunga vicinity.

Santa Kumar Nembang also embraced the festivities close to the mountains, with Limbu’s team commencing their expedition into the heart of the Kanchenjunga area from Taplejung headquarters on the auspicious day of Fulpati.

Limbu stated that their plan included a 10-day tour of the Kanchenjunga region, following their post-Dashain visit from Panchthar district.

Accompanied by 17 foreign tourists from the renowned Gristone Mountain Company in Kathmandu, guide Dhan Kumar Rai led the team’s passage towards the Kanchenjunga base camp area during Tika day.

Amid this burgeoning tourism activity, the Kanchenjunga area is now emerging as a favored destination for both domestic and foreign sightseers.

Pema Sherpa, a hotelier from Ghunsa, situated at the entrance of Kanchenjunga in Paktanglung Rural Municipality-6, stated the notable influx of foreign tourists during the Dashain festivities.

Supporting this observation, Tashi Tenjing, Tourism Assistant at the Ghunsa Checkpost, Office of Kanchenjunga Conservation Area Management Council, highlighted the escalating traffic of tourists in Ghunsa village, the third gateway to the Kanchenjunga mountain range.

While foreign tourists are required to register their details at the Ghunsa check post, domestic tourists are exempted from this procedure, rendering the exact count of domestic tourists visiting the Kanchenjunga area unavailable.

Nonetheless, industry experts affirm that the number of domestic tourists exploring the Kanchenjunga region has been steadily increasing annually.

According to the records at the Ghunsa check post, approximately 350 foreign tourists from various countries including America, Canada, Korea, Japan, France, Germany, and Australia have embarked on an exploration of the Kanchenjunga area.

The tourist influx typically spans the months of October and November, as visitors flock to soak in the mesmerizing charm of the area.