Lawmakers’ concerns arise over Prime Minister’s daughter’s participation in High-Level meetings


August 29, 2023


Lawmakers’ concerns arise over Prime Minister’s daughter’s participation in High-Level meetings

Lawmaker Amresh Kumar Singh/File photo.

KATHMANDU: The lawmakers in the federal parliament have expressed concerns over the involvement of Ganga Dahal, the daughter of Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’, in various high-level state meetings.

Independent lawmaker of the House of Representatives Amresh Kumar Singh initiated the inquiry, raising concerns about the potential ramifications of her presence in these crucial gatherings.

During a special session of HoR on Tuesday, lawmaker Singh voiced his apprehensions about the Prime Minister’s daughter and even the former Prime Minister’s wife taking part in key state-level discussions.

He argued that their involvement appeared to challenge the essence of Nepal’s republican framework, hinting at a shift from democratic values to a leader-centric approach.

“The republic is a system built upon the collective interests of the people. However, the increasing influence of certain leaders, demonstrated by their family members’ presence in pivotal meetings, raises questions about the very foundation of this system,” MP Singh asserted.

He continued by questioning the legitimacy of these appointments, stating, “What justifies conferring the privilege of participation in every meeting to the leader’s daughter or the prime minister’s daughter? What protocols have we established to warrant such arrangements? How can a former prime minister’s spouse assert a similar position?”

According to lawmaker Singh, these actions represent a direct threat to the established system and principles. He pointed out that unchecked authority devoid of accountability posed the gravest danger and emphasized that potential risks to the republic seemed to emanate from a select group of leaders and their offspring, attributing the root of corruption to this phenomenon.

Expanding his critique, lawmaker Singh also drew attention to unresolved major corruption scandals within the nation.

He questioned the lack of conclusive actions taken against these cases, further highlighting the perceived inadequacy of the current government under Pushpa Kamal Dahal’s leadership.

Lawmaker Singh characterized the administration as historically feeble and accused it of provoking religious and ethnic tensions by engaging in foreign interference.