RSP to retain its claim on Home Ministry


January 29, 2023


RSP to retain its claim on Home Ministry

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KATHMANDU: The Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP) has clarified that it would retain its claim on Ministry of Home Affairs.

Earlier, RSP Chairman Rabi Lamichhane had resigned from the post of Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister following the Supreme Court’s decision, on Friday, to revoke his status as lawmaker.

Even if Lamichhane lost his post, the RSP said that the claim would remain as the Ministry of Home Affairs fell to their part while making a power sharing accord in the ruling coalition.

“Our party got that ministry. That’s why we retain our claim on the Ministry of Home Affairs,” RSP spokesperson Mukul Dhakal said on Sunday.

Dhakal shared that his party has not decided the name for the person to hold the post of Home Minister.

There is also a provision that even a non-MP can be made a minister for 6 months. However,  if a non-member of parliament who has been made a minister does not become a member of the Federal Parliament within 6 months, then the position will be vacated.

After Lamichhane takes citizenship, preparations are underway to make him the party chairman again. The RSP has also called a central committee meeting to re-elect Lamichhane as chairman and also decide on the name to handle Home Ministry.