Jajarkot Earthquake: Over 1,000 new mothers struggle in harsh conditions under Tarpaulins


November 28, 2023


Jajarkot Earthquake: Over 1,000 new mothers struggle in harsh conditions under Tarpaulins

New mothers struggle in harsh conditions under Tarpaulins in Jajarkot district following a devastating earthquake earlier this month/File

JAJARKOT: Following the devastating earthquake that struck Jajarkot on November 3, a grim reality has unfolded, particularly affecting new mothers, senior citizens, and children who now find themselves grappling with health issues in the aftermath of the disaster.

The extensive damage to buildings has left many without adequate shelter, compelling them to endure the challenges of living under tarpaulins, exacerbating the hardships as the winter season sets in.

The District Health Service Office reports a surge in the number of individuals seeking medical assistance in the region. In Bheri Municipality alone, 674 pregnant women, 282 new mothers, 4,115 children under five, 2,836 senior citizens, 1,065 chronic patients, and 408 physically challenged individuals face heightened health risks and other difficulties.

In Kushe Rural Municipality, 515 pregnant women and 230 new mothers are grappling with harsh conditions under makeshift shelters. Additionally, 920 senior citizens, 277 chronic patients, and 88 physically challenged individuals are enduring the aftermath of the earthquake.

Administrative Officer at Jajarkot District Administration Office, Harish Chandra Sharma, highlights the vulnerable situation of 86 pregnant women, 66 new mothers, 204 senior citizens, 15 chronic patients, and nine physically challenged individuals who urgently require increased care and protection.

Nalgadh Municipality reports 331 pregnant women and 374 new mothers significantly impacted by the earthquake’s aftermath, while in Barekot Rural Municipality, 181 pregnant women and 75 new mothers are confronting the challenges of living under tarpaulins.

Alarming statistics reveal that 12,404 children are affected by the earthquake, with 1,873 pregnant women and 1,076 new mothers forced to endure the harsh conditions under tarpaulins. The district disaster management committee acknowledges that a comprehensive assessment of the damages is pending, citing difficulties in data collection due to scattered residential areas and challenging geographical terrain.

As the communities in Jajarkot navigate these trying circumstances, urgent attention is needed to address the immediate health and shelter needs of the affected populations.

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