Partial Lunar eclipse to grace Kathmandu skies tonight


October 28, 2023


Partial Lunar eclipse to grace Kathmandu skies tonight

Lunar eclipse/File Photo for Representation

KATHMANDU: Nepal is set to witness the celestial spectacle of a partial lunar eclipse tonight to the early hours of October 29th. (Sunday)

The Nepal Calendar Determination Committee confirmed this occurrence on Saturday (October 28-29).

According to Prof. Dr. Devmani Bhattarai, the eclipse is expected to begin at 1:19 a.m., with its culmination marked at 2:38 a.m., as stated in the committee-approved calendar (almanac).

While the moon will enter the penumbral phase at midnight on October 28, the umbral phase, where the eclipse becomes more pronounced, will begin in the early hours of October 29.

During this period, customary practices and activities should be observed, and endeavors driven by specific aspirations are to be avoided, emphasized the theologian.

He underscored that there are specific prohibitions detailed in the scriptures, discouraging actions.

The Committee has pointed out that this lunar eclipse holds a unique significance as it will be the sole eclipse to grace the year 2080 BS.