Identity-based faction to counter UML’s Mid-Hill Highway Campaign


November 26, 2023


Identity-based faction to counter UML’s Mid-Hill Highway Campaign

CPN-UML's central office, Chyasal in Lalitpur/File Photo

BIRATNAGAR: The identity-based faction active in the eastern hilly region of the country has decided to obstruct the CPN-UML’s Mid-hill Highway campaign that is scheduled to commence from Jhulaghat on November 30.

Following the province’s renaming and in response to the UML’s initiative, the Province No. 1 Re-naming Joint Struggle Committee has devised an obstruction campaign.

The CPN-UML’s special campaign, focused on the Mid-hill Highway and set to traverse from Jhulaghat to Ghurmi on the border of Udayapur and Khotang from November 30, has triggered opposition from identity-based campaigners.

The UML campaign in Ghurmi, which involves top party leaders, CPN-UML Koshi State President Ghanshyam Khatiwada stated that a team comprising central, provincial, and local leaders, along with workers, is planning reach Diktel in Khotang as well on the same day.

Khatiwada outlined the itinerary of the UML’s Mid-hill Highway Campaign, indicating stops in Bhojpur on December 13, Basantpur of Tehrathum on the 14th, Atharai of Tehrathum on the 15th, and Phiidim of Panchthar on the 16th of December.

He emphasized that the campaign aims to engage with locals, listen to their concerns, and gather information about the region’s challenges.

The Struggle Committee, meanwhile, has issued a warning to the UML, urging them not to use banners and leaflets with ‘Koshi’ written on them when entering the province’s borders.

Additionally, they have also discouraged the participation in the program by members of the provincial assembly who support the name ‘Koshi.’