NEPSE declines by 18.8 points  on Sunday


April 23, 2023


NEPSE declines by 18.8 points  on Sunday

KATHMANDU: The Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) declined by 18.8 points to 1,885 points on Sunday, the first trading day of the week.

The indicators of all sub-groups except hotels have gone down. The NEPSE index decreased by 18.8 points compared to the previous day.

As the price of 29 companies increased, 188 companies decreased while 2 remained stable today.

The transaction amount also shrunk to 828.5 million rupees, which is 17 million less than the transaction on the previous day.

The hotel and tourism subgroup increased by 11 points today.

The Banking sub-group decreased by 16 points, development bank by 35, finance by 32, hydropower by 27, life insurance by 118, manufacturing by 14, microfinance by 29, non-life insurance by 29, others by 2, and business sub-group decreased by 11 points.

The prices of Adarsh Microfinance and Kalinchowk Darshan increased by 10 percent.

On the basis of turnover, Molung Hydropower, Shivam Cement, NIC Asia Bank, Nabil Bank, and Himalayan Distillery led the stock market respectively.