Can’t tolerate China’s intervention: NDU


March 23, 2023


Can’t tolerate China’s intervention: NDU

Nepal Democratic Union Siddhartha Gautam/File Photo

KATHMANDU: Nepal Democratic Union (NDU) has expressed concern over China’s interference in Nepal.

Issuing a statement, NDU President Siddhartha Gautam said that China has interfered in Nepal just as Russia has interfered in neighboring Ukraine.

“The totalitarian communist influence and China’s naked interference in Nepal are stronger than Russia in Ukraine,” the statement said, adding “This is a curse for Nepal and its people.”

Stating that the whole world remain silent when Tibet suffered the fate of Ukraine in the past, the statement said that the same fate is being experienced by Ukraine today.

“If the democratic world does not oppose the expansionism of a big country like China, the future of the small country will be dark,” he said.