Teasing us could result in dire circumstances: Durga Prasai


November 22, 2023


Teasing us could result in dire circumstances: Durga Prasai

Durga Prasai speaking at a press conference in Bhaktapur on Wednesday.

KATHMANDU: Campaigner Durga Prasai issued a stark warning, stating that if provoked, they would initiate a blockade in Kathmandu, potentially disrupting rice supplies to the Valley.

During a press conference at his residence in Bhaktapur on Wednesday, Prasai emphasized, “Teasing us could result in a situation where the people of Kathmandu may face a shortage of rice.”

Prasai, announcing a protest slated for November 23 in Kathmandu, detailed the preparations during the press conference. Amidst vocal support from his followers, Prasai declared, “Tomorrow, the seeds of rebellion will be sown. I will demonstrate what true communism signifies.”

Despite announcing the capital protest, Prasai remained uncertain about the exact location during the press conference. He mentioned potential venues such as Balkhu or Jhapa, indicating that the schedule would be finalized later.

Initially proposing Ratna Park as the venue, Prasai suggested the possibility of holding the event in Balkhu due to a concurrent program planned by the Mahesh Basnet-led youth association in Tinkune.

Known for advocating the restoration of monarchy in opposition to the republic, Prasai has redirected his focus toward opposing banks and financial institutions as part of his strategic approach.