UN House and minister’s quarters declared prohibited zone


November 22, 2023


UN House and minister’s quarters declared prohibited zone

District Administration Office, Kathmandu/File Photo

KATHMANDU: The District Administration Office Lalitpur has issued an order prohibiting the gathering of more than five people in the area around the United Nations Office and the minister’s quarters in Pulchowk.

Chief District Officer Rudra Prasad Pandit issued the prohibitory order to be enforced for the next six months starting Tuesday, in view of the security sensitivity of the area around the UN House and the minister’s quarters.

In addition, the main road leading to Inarmod to the east, the National Civil Personnel Records Office to the west, the Inland Revenue Office and UN House to the south and the National Human Rights Commission to the south have also been declared prohibited zone according to sub-section (3 a) of Section 6 of the Local Administration Act, 2028 BS.

Along with gathering, sloganeering, processions, demonstrations, sit-ins, agitations or protest programs such as hunger strikes, meetings have been prohibited.