Rakuten Viber strengthens commitment to Nepal


September 19, 2023


Rakuten Viber strengthens commitment to Nepal

Officials of Rakuten Viber with partners.

KATHMANDU: In anticipation of Nepal’s upcoming festivals, Rakuten Viber has revealed new partnerships and business solutions like Sasto Tickets, Bus Sewa, and Chef Nepal to enhance user experiences and boost local business growth.

Rakuten Viber reaffirmed its dedication to Nepalese users during a media roundtable in Kathmandu on Tuesday.

Nitin Tyagi, Business Development Director for South East Asia at Rakuten Viber, discussed Viber’s past efforts, emphasizing their commitment to supporting various industries in the country.

He stated, “Whether it’s our collaborations with Chef Nepal to promote local cuisine, Sasto Tickets for easy travel solutions, Bus Sewa for seamless commuting, or our Cricket Vibes Channel celebrating the national team’s tournament achievements, our focus has always been on the convenience of Nepalese users and the growth of local businesses.”

Tyagi also highlighted the success of the Cricket Vibes Channel among cricket enthusiasts, saying, “The channel has celebrated Nepal’s significant milestones in international cricket, featured cricket players and commentators, and partnered with various brands to give away prizes. This is just the beginning; we have more exciting plans in store for cricket fans.”

Apart from sports, Viber recently partnered with Nepal’s leading travel agency to launch the Sasto Tickets Chatbot, enabling subscribers to search for and book flights within the app.

Samrat Dahal, Chairman, Founder, and CEO of Sasto Tickets, stated, “The bot’s performance on Viber has been highly positive. Users appreciate the solution-oriented approach, especially the flight booking service.”

In addition to travel services, Rakuten Viber has expanded its offerings in road transportation by introducing a bus ticket booking service through the Bus Sewa Chatbot, which debuted on September 19, 2023.

PR Khanal, CEO of Bus Sewa, expressed optimism about the chatbot’s potential, especially with the holiday season approaching. He said, “Viber’s user base aligns with our target audience, making collaboration with them a logical choice. We’re excited about our initial offerings, such as curated tour packages and in-route entertainment, to cater to our loyal customers.”

Meanwhile, Chef Nepal, a well-established platform promoting Nepali food and culture, continued its collaboration with Viber this year.

Producer Dharma Raj Pandey shared, “Viber has played a vital role in enhancing the engagement and dynamism of our reality show. We’re looking forward to upcoming episodes that will bring celebrity chefs closer to the audience and showcase the talents of aspiring chefs.”