No need to prosecute Rabi Lamichhane: District Public Prosecutor’s Office


March 19, 2023


No need to prosecute Rabi Lamichhane: District Public Prosecutor’s Office

Rastriya Swatantra Party Chairman Rabi Lamichhane (C). (File photo)

KATHMANDU: The Kathmandu District Public Prosecutor’s Office has decided not to prosecute against Rabi Lamichhane in the alleged passport misuse and fraud case.

According to sources, Achyutmani Neupane of Kathmandu District Prosecutor’s Office, the district attorney reached at the conclusion to not sue Lamichhane after a thorough study on the use of a passport.

Earlier, the police had investigated on the issue and submitted the report to the district public prosecutor.

Neupane said that District Public Prosecutor’s office found no evidence of passport misuse.

“We could not find any evidence that he had committed a crime related to citizenship and passport,” he said, “The District Public Prosecutor’s Office has sent the file for ratification to the High Public Prosecutor’s Office.”

The High Public Prosecutor’s Office has to approve it and send it to the Attorney General’s Office. Provided the upper levels of the public prosecutor’s office find some evidence against Lamichhane, the Rastriya Swatantra Party chairman will be sued.

The Attorney General’s Office should prosecute the case or uphold the decision of the District and High Government Attorney’s Offices.

Earlier, a complaint was filed with the Kathmandu police saying that he should be prosecuted for taking a Nepali passport with his old Nepali citizenship while holding foreign citizenship.

Kathmandu District Public Prosecutor Chief Neupane said that although Lamichhane had obtained a Nepali passport using his old Nepali citizenship when he was already a foreign citizen, there was no evidence of the misuse.