NMA suspends all non-emergency health services today


September 17, 2023


NMA suspends all non-emergency health services today

Office of Nepal Medical Association/File Photo

KATHMANDU: In response to the recent assault on two doctors at Sancho Hospital in Hetauda, Makwanpur, the Nepal Medical Association (NMA) has decided to suspend all health services, excluding non-emergency care, in healthcare facilities across the country today.

On September 13, an incident unfolded within the hospital premises when a group of individuals, accompanied by their relatives, attacked Dr. Bikas Thapa and Dr. Prashant Bidari.

The assailants accused the doctors of negligence in the treatment of Rajesh Pradhan, a 41-year-old resident of Hetauda-12, who tragically succumbed to a dengue infection.

In response to this act of violence, the NMA issued a 72-hour ultimatum on the same day, urging authorities to bring the perpetrators to justice.

With no tangible action taken against the culprits, the NMA has resorted to this shutdown as a means of protest.

Furthermore, the NMA has put forth a demand for mandatory security forces to be stationed in healthcare institutions nationwide, citing concerns for the safety of healthcare workers.

Prior to this, healthcare personnel had formally reported threats against their lives to the police, who allegedly failed to intervene effectively.

Amid growing pressure from various sectors, the police have now taken action by apprehending Rama, the deceased’s wife, along with his son Rohit, daughter Ramita, and nephew Anup Pradhan.

Their arrests were facilitated by incriminating evidence captured on CCTV footage, which clearly depicted the attackers assaulting the doctors.