Children victimized most by climate change effects: Police


December 15, 2023


Children victimized most by climate change effects: Police

Children in Kanchanpur/File Photo for Representation

KATHMANDU: Most of the victims of disasters induced by climate change are children, according to police data.

In fiscal year 2079-80, 3,244 children suffered from natural disasters such as epidemics, snowfall, cold waves, flooding and landslides, storms, and fires.

Of them, the maximum 2,231 children were affected due to the epidemic.

According to data with the police headquarters, in the FY, 2079/80, the total 767 children including 79 boys and 688 girls died due to disasters.

Similarly, 2,343 children including 167 boys and 2,176 girls were injured, and 134 children including four boys and 130 girls went missing.

Of the total victimized children, 92.29 percent were girls.

Despite various programs on the reduction of risks being launched across the country, the impact of natural disasters is increasing due to the increasing climate change, according to the police headquarters.

On August 22, 2023, the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child issued General Comment-26 on the issue of the protection and promotion of children’s rights from the effects of climate change.

The Commitment includes the issues of reducing the adverse effects of climate change, making children adapt to the effects, and providing technical and financial support for the damage caused to children’s rights.