Mass resignation of doctors paralyzes Hetauda hospital services


September 15, 2023


Mass resignation of doctors paralyzes Hetauda hospital services

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KATHMANDU: In a collective display of solidarity, 78 doctors and healthcare workers in Hetauda hospitals tendered their resignations, leading to the suspension of all services except for emergency care.

This move comes as a protest against the lack of prompt action taken against those responsible for assaulting Dr. Bikas Thapa and Dr. Prashant Bidari of Sancho Hospital in Hetauda Sub-Metropolitan City-1, Makwanpur.

The Nepal Medical Association and its affiliated organizations have jointly conveyed their concerns to the Chief District Officer of Makwanpur through a formal letter.

Their grievance centers on the delay in bringing the assailants to justice, despite the passage of 48 hours since the incident.

Consequently, the healthcare workers have commenced a protest by halting all hospital services, except those of an emergency nature.

The incident in question unfolded when a group of individuals, accompanied by their relatives, assaulted two doctors within the hospital premises.

Their motivation stemmed from allegations of negligence in the treatment of Rajesh Pradhan, a 41-year-old resident of Hetauda-12, who succumbed to a dengue infection.

Utsav Chaulagai, a member of Hetaunda Hospital’s Board of Directors, stated that the pervasive atmosphere of insecurity prompted the doctors and healthcare staff to unite in the mass resignation.

The healthcare workers have lodged a formal complaint, asserting that the police failed to intervene despite explicit threats against the doctors’ lives being made in the presence of law enforcement.

Following mounting pressure from various quarters, the police have taken action by arresting Rama, the deceased’s wife, along with his son Rohit, daughter Ramita, and nephew Anup Pradhan.

This arrest was prompted by incriminating evidence captured on CCTV footage, which showed the attackers assaulting the doctors.