Nine suspension bridges constructed in Myagdi


July 15, 2023


Nine suspension bridges constructed in Myagdi

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BENI MYAGDI: Nine suspension bridges have been constructed in the district of Myagdi in the current fiscal year.

Nine more suspension bridges are under-construction in partnership with Sector Wide Approach Programme (SWAP), Trail Bridge Support Unit (TBSU), local levels, community and NGOs in the district.

Milan Myagdi, a non-governmental organization, has been assigned to develop the suspension bridges providing social and technical assistance from the budget to be received by the local levels from TBSU.

Executive Director of Milan Myagdi Dilmaya Bitalu said that the total costs of the completed and under-construction bridges is almost Rs 74.4 million. Bitalu said that 15,000 plus people are expected to benefit after the completion of all the bridges.

So far, five bridges in Malika Rural Municipality, two each in Raghuganga Rural Municipality and Beni Municipality have been completed while others are being developed in Malika, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Mangala, Raghuganga and Beni.

Locals have said that the construction of the suspension bridges have cut their distance short in several places, mostly benefitting the trekkers, students and local users.

As shared by Milan Myagdi, the district has a total of 283 suspension bridges.