Chinese gang operated 7 companies for gold smuggling in Nepal: CIB


September 13, 2023


Chinese gang operated 7 companies for gold smuggling in Nepal: CIB

Office of Central Investigation Bureau/File Photo

KATHMANDU: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CIB) has disclosed a revelation, alleging that a Chinese criminal syndicate has clandestinely established seven front companies for the illicit smuggling of gold into Nepal.

SP Sanjay Singh Thapa, who spearheaded the investigation into a significant 60 kg gold smuggling case, unveiled that out of the seven companies operated in Nepal by this Chinese criminal network, six of them were implicated in importing gold into the country.

“In the initial phases, they initially trafficked small quantities of goods, gradually escalating to include gold, after witnessing the success of their criminal operations,” remarked SP Sanjay Singh Thapa.

Simultaneously, the CIB has unearthed a discovery, disclosing that an additional 302 kg of gold had been illicitly concealed within brake shoes, smuggled long before the latest episode of gold smuggling came to light.

While the ongoing investigation diligently probes the gold concealed within various other commodities, the CIB, which initially embarked on the probe of over 60 kg of gold smuggling, has identified and named 50 individuals as defendants in this sprawling and intricate case.