Forum constituted for integrated development of KTM Valley


March 12, 2023


Forum constituted for integrated development of KTM Valley

Kathmandu Metropolitan City Office for Representation. (File photo)

KATHMANDU: A Valley Chief Administrative Officers’ Forum has been constituted with the objective of promoting inter-municipal relations, common programs, cooperation and collaboration, learning and experience sharing among the municipalities in the Valley.

The Forum has been constituted under the leadership of Chief Administrative Officer of Kathmandu Municipal Corporation (KMC) Basant Adhikari.

The forum will work for the integrated development of the valley by creating a common understanding on the policy decisions formulated by the people’s representatives.

The forum will also work collectively on issues such as stray animal management in the valley, control of dengue and other epidemics, environmental improvement, developing a system to take as less as possible waste to the landfill site, for urban lighting, river management, use of road network and improving public transport system.

KMC Chief Administrative Officer Adhikari said the forum will begin the process of transforming the community schools into health promotion centers by upgrading the profile of community schools with specialist health services.

Bringing uniformity in rate of revenue, the pattern of garbage management, and the vehicle parking standards will also be discussed in the forum.

The administrative heads of all the municipalities in the Valley are members of the forum.

There are 16 municipalities including two municipal corporations in the Valley.