One more Nepali apprehended for allegedly forcing Nepalis into bondage work in Myanmar


December 11, 2023


One more Nepali apprehended for allegedly forcing Nepalis into bondage work in Myanmar

Accused Kavita Gurung/File photo.

KATHMANDU: A recent arrest in Myanmar has led to the detention of a Nepali individual accused of being involved in online scam operations by creating bondage in online scamming via Myanmar.

Krishna Prasad Pangeni, the SP of Anti-Human Trafficking Bureau, informed about the apprehension of 27-year-old Kavita Gurung from Ward 4 of Gorkha Dharche Municipality. Gurung was caught engaged in an illegal operation that utilized English typing skills in Thailand and promised earnings of over a hundred thousand monthly along with accommodations. Two individuals were consequently apprehended and brought to Myanmar, where they were forced to work for a company operated by Chinese nationals in Myanmar’s Myawadi area.

SP Pangeni stated that the victims were coerced to work for 18-20 hours a day after being confined and transformed into bonded laborers.

Reportedly, Gurung received up to 260,000 rupees from these operations. The investigation has revealed that employees of the company were involved in deceiving American citizens, extracting money from them under the guise of cryptocurrency investments, and extorting money if they failed to meet the set targets. Pangeni warned that individuals failing to comply were subjected to severe physical abuse.

The investigation further disclosed that some Nepalis were forced to use their current accounts. Those attempting to return were reportedly compelled by the Chinese nationals to pay an additional 800,000 rupees before being allowed to leave.

Regarding the arrest of Gurung, the Bureau received permission to detain her for seven days from the Kathmandu District Court. This arrest follows the recent apprehension of a male individual involved in the same operation just last Friday.