KP Oli alleges internal and external forces of splitting UML


December 11, 2023


KP Oli alleges internal and external forces of splitting UML

CPN-UML Chairman KP Oli/File Photo

KATHMANDU: Chairman of CPN-UML and former Prime Minister KP Oli emphasized the crucial role of forming a single majority government in achieving national prosperity, despite internal and external challenges that led to the party’s removal from the government.

Addressing a gathering in Khadichaur in Sindhupalchowk, during the Midhill Campaign on Monday, Chairman Oli underscored that the country’s development and sustainable defense hinge on the CPN-UML securing a single majority and forming the government.

He highlighted the party’s commitment to patriotism, good governance, peace, and addressing the people’s concerns.

Chairman Oli acknowledged the internal and external pressures that led to the removal of UML from the government and a subsequent party split.

Despite these challenges, he asserted that the dream of weakening the party had not materialized.

Reflecting on UML’s resilience, he noted, “Even when the world attempted to halt UML’s progress during the Nepal Communist Party government, the party persisted.”

He added, “Although internal and external forces removed UML from government, and the party experienced a split, their objective to weaken and dismantle the party remains unfulfilled.”

Chairman Oli emphasized that UML has reemerged as a popular party in the country and expressed confidence that forming a government with a majority would strengthen its position as a political force.

He urged the party to align with the “Mission 84” without ambiguity or confusion.

Stressing the unique understanding of national interests and people’s problems possessed by UML, Oli remarked, “There is no other political entity that comprehends the essence of our national interest and the challenges faced by the people.”

Highlighting the party’s resurgence, he added, “Being a popular party alone is no longer sufficient. To safeguard the country and propel it forward permanently, a single majority government led by this popular, patriotic, and people-centric party is imperative.”

UML Chairman Oli debunked alternative power structures, declaring, “There is no alternative power in the country except CPN-UML.”

He referenced historical events like the Piskar scandal and asserted, “The dream of a prosperous Nepal and a content Nepali has been in existence since the Piskar incident, long before Mission 84. We have progressed our development efforts to a war-like level, overcoming fear and confusion.”

Chairman Oli reaffirmed the party’s commitment to its vision and mission, emphasizing the necessity of a united UML in achieving the aspirations of a prosperous Nepal.