PM vows to lead new movement for good governance, prosperity


November 11, 2023


PM vows to lead new movement for good governance, prosperity

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda/Photo: RSS

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda affirmed his commitment to initiating a transformative movement in governance, irrespective of the uncertainty surrounding his tenure.

Following the 2084 BS elections, he expressed his determination to lead the government on the principles of good governance, social justice, and prosperity, reminiscent of the transformative period in 2064 BS.

At a program held on Saturday, Prime Minister Dahal emphasized the importance of winning the hearts of the people and acknowledged the challenges of returning to the situation of 2064 BS.

Undeterred, he announced the commencement of a novel government movement aimed at realizing the ideals of good governance and social justice.

Addressing concerns about his tenure, the Prime Minister downplayed the duration of his leadership, emphasizing that the key focus is on fostering positive governance and economic well-being for the people.

Despite economic pressures, he highlighted recent improvements, attributing the positive trends to increased revenue, a surge in tourist arrivals, and a boost in remittances.

Looking ahead to 2084 BS, Prime Minister Dahal stated, “We cannot revert to 2064 BS; the future is 2084 BS. Whether I remain Prime Minister or not is secondary; what matters is our commitment to good governance, social justice, and prosperity for the people.”

The initiation of a new movement from the government, he claimed, signals the parties’ dedication to these principles.

“The positive indicators in the economy, such as revenue growth, record-breaking tourist numbers, and rising remittances, provide optimism,” he added.

Acknowledging external pressures and reactionary forces, Prime Minister Dahal said despite challenges and attempts to destabilize the government, he would remain resolute in his commitment to address economic issues.