Prime Minister Dahal vows to continue anti-corruption campaign amidst concerns about govt stability


September 11, 2023


Prime Minister Dahal vows to continue anti-corruption campaign amidst concerns about govt stability

Prime Minister and CPN-Maoist Center Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' addressing the Samajbadi Morcha's program organized in Biratnagar on Monday. (Photo: RSS)

BIRATNAGAR: Prime Minister and CPN-Maoist Center Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ affirmed the unwavering commitment of his government to combat corruption, assuring that the government’s tenure would not be an issue in the pursuit of this crucial agenda.

Addressing a program organized by Samajbadi Morcha in Biratnagar on Monday, the Maoist Center conveyed that the government’s pursuit of eradicating poverty and malfeasance would persist, regardless of concerns about the government’s longevity.

He emphasized that those in favor of corrupt practices were unnerved by the relentless anti-corruption efforts undertaken by his government.

“Establishing socialism is inseparable from the fight against corruption. Whether it’s the issue of fraudulent refugees, Lalita Niwas, or the gold scandal, our government is addressing these problems one after another. The proponents of misrule are in a state of panic. The duration of our government may be uncertain, but these campaigns will endure,” stated Prime Minister Prachanda.

He underscored that the monumental task of purging corruption from the system could not be accomplished in one fell swoop, but his government would continue its methodical and uncompromising approach to tackle this issue.

Prime Minister Prachanda also shared that he had initiated close scrutiny of development projects, operating from within the Lion Palace, to monitor the progress of national pride initiatives.

“Hello Government” was introduced as a platform to listen to people’s grievances, criticisms, and feedback 24/7. Prime Minister Prachanda took personal responsibility for swift problem resolution through this channel.

Elaborating on the government’s achievements, he expressed the government’s commitment to create an environment conducive to encouraging the gradual return of the youth to the country.

“We are prepared to undertake long-term initiatives, not only for migrant workers but also for those working within our nation. The parliament’s unanimous passage of the bill is a significant step towards social justice. The leaders of Terai Madhes, who have long suffered from this issue, recognize its importance. Madhes has been waiting for this for years,” Prime Minister Prachanda declared.

The Prime Minister also mentioned that his government had made significant strides in addressing citizenship problems.

In a different context, Prime Minister Prachanda acknowledged the formation of the Samajwadi Morcha and stressed its long-term importance for unity and strategy.

Regarding the naming of the Kosi province, he cautioned against attempts to incite communal conflicts, revealing his awareness of efforts by reactionaries, religious extremists, and republic opponents to escalate the issue into a clash.