Literature festival concludes in Ilam


April 11, 2023


Literature festival concludes in Ilam

ILAM: The literature festival begun under the slogan, ‘Literature for Tourism’ in Ilam has concluded.

It was jointly organized by Ilam Literature Society, and Ilam Literature, Arts and Music Foundation.

The festival made analyses on the current status of literature in the district, the orientation of the new generation to literature and various dimensions of literature.

On the first day of the festival, former Vice Chairman of the National Planning Commission, Bishwo Poudel, made a presentation on ‘number, meaning and spirituality.’

Similarly, a political debate was held in the panel on ‘agenda or appearance’ which was attended by General Secretary of CPN (Unified Socialist), Ghana Shyam Bhushal, Nepali Congress leader Gururaj Ghimire and writer Khagendra Sangraula.

A dialogue was held on ‘writing: successful or relevant’ among Yubraj Adhikari, Bishwo Mohan Shrestha, and Sabita Gautam Dahal.

Another dialogue was among poets Tirtha Shrestha, Lila Anamol and Bhupin. They dwelt on ‘local consciousness in poetry.’ Writer Kumar Nagarkoti recited a poem at the event.

The festival was held in a bid to prop up tourism via literature, according to Foundation’s Chairman, Prakash Thamsuhang.

Gajal writers coming from various districts also recited their gajals.

Even the paintings were made on Red Pandas in the tea estate in Ilam so as to create and spread awareness on red panda conservation.

Meanwhile, an agriculture and tourism festival is being organized at Mangmalugn for the promotion of agriculture and tourism on April 14-15, according to organizing committee’s secretary, Kamal Karki.

Agricultural productions would be sold on the occasion.

The Festival is expected to ensure access to local products to the national and international markets.

It is being organized in a bid to secure the presence of more than 150,000 visitors.

Even the musical performances would feature the event, said organizing committee chair, Kiran Kumar Rai.