Koshi and Karnali province likely to witness rainfall today


June 10, 2023


Koshi and Karnali province likely to witness rainfall today

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KATHMANDU: Rainfall is likely to take place in some places of Koshi and Karnali provinces today.

There may be light rain in some places in the hilly areas of Bagmati and Gandaki provinces as well, according to the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology.

Similarly, due to the influence of local winds, the weather will be cloudy in the eastern part of the country and hence the temperature may drop.

There is possibility that the heat will increase for a few more days in central and western Tarai, said Varun Paudel, a meteorologist at the Department.

He said that the heat will gradually decrease as the clouds seen in the eastern region reaches the central and western region. Paudel said that although there is no possibility of monsoon entering immediately monsoon activity may start to increase from today.

According to latest report, more than 40 degree Celsius temperature has been recorded in 22 different places of the country.

Experts have been suggested to stay indoors and wear light clothes and cover head when going out, drinking plenty of water and fresh juice regularly.