TI-Nepal draws attention on bills to amend two commissions


May 10, 2023


TI-Nepal draws attention on bills to amend two commissions

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KATHMANDU: Transparency International –Nepal (TI-Nepal) has drawn its attention to amendment bills related to Corruption Control and Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority which were under clause-wise discussion after being tabled at the parliament.

The organization has demanded clear arrangements not to include the decision of any level or agency targeted to protect the interests of an individual or special group in the ‘policy decision’, stated a press release issued by TI Nepal Chairperson Padmini Pradhananga.

Chairperson Pradhananga said the provision of a ‘maximum period to initiate law proceeding against corruption charges from the date of knowledge would lead to dismissal of large corruption cases that are being kept in the parking lot.

Such provisions would help big fishes to get liberated from the corruption cases, she said, drawing the attention of the authorities concerned with the loopholes in the amendment bill.

Nepal was the state party of the United Nations Convention on Corruption Control and it has explicitly stated to bring the corruption of the private sector to law treating it as a criminal case. She drew the attention of the authorities concerned to introduce clear legal provisions and make regulatory agencies responsible.

The amended bill should not be framed in a way to liberate big fishes who have been enjoying state of impunity despite presence of anti-graft agencies and legal arrangements, TI-Nepal said.