Unknown group attacks police, loots weapons and ammunition in Sunsari


September 9, 2023


Unknown group attacks police, loots weapons and ammunition in Sunsari

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BIRATNAGAR: An unidentified group launched an attack on plainclothes police officers in the Barjugaon district of Sunsari, resulting in the theft of weapons and ammunition.

According to SP Bipin Regmi of the Sunsari District Police Office, this audacious attack transpired on Friday, occurring near the border of Biratnagar Metropolitan City and Barjugaon City.

The assailants targeted plainclothes officers Bimal Pariyar and Prem Choudhary, both stationed at the area police office in Duhabi, as they were conducting an information-gathering mission. SP Regmi reported that approximately four individuals were involved in the attack.

This incident unfolded against a backdrop of increasing weapon-related robberies in the area. In response, the police have launched a dedicated team to gather information on these criminal activities. During their efforts, the unknown assailants brutally assaulted the officers using wooden objects, causing injuries.

The attackers managed to steal a Chinese pistol, along with a magazine and seven rounds of ammunition that were in the possession of the police officers. Superintendent of Police Regmi disclosed that following the incident, a specialized team, led by Inspector Gajendra Rai from the District Police Office Sunsari, Mohan Pokharel from Duhabi, IPR, and Kailash Chaudhary from Itahari, IPR, was swiftly deployed.

To date, the police have apprehended five individuals in connection with this incident. Additionally, the police team successfully recovered six rounds of the stolen pistol, the magazine, empty bullet casings, and one round of ammunition used in a Katuwa pistol from the crime scene.

Notably, the Chinese pistol stolen from the police officer remains unaccounted for, prompting ongoing investigations into its whereabouts.