India imposes ban on onion exports until March 2024


December 8, 2023


India imposes ban on onion exports until March 2024


KATHMANDU: The Indian government has implemented a ban on the export of onions until March 2024.

The Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) issued a notification on Thursday, amending the export policy for onions from ‘Free’ to ‘Prohibited.’

The ban, effective from Friday, comes with specific conditions for allowing onion exports. Consignments will be permitted under three conditions:

Loading Commenced Before Notification: Consignments where loading of onions on the ship has already commenced before the issuance of this notification.

Shipping Bill Filed and Vessels Berthed: Consignments where the shipping bill is filed, vessels have berthed or arrived, and anchored in Indian ports for loading of onions, with the rotation number allocated before the notification.

Consignment Handed Over to Customs Before Notification: Consignments where onions have been handed over to Customs or entered the Customs Station for exportation before the notification, with registration in the electronic systems of the concerned Custodian of the Customs Station, along with verifiable evidence of the date and time stamping.

The notification outlines that the period for export under these conditions shall be until January 5, 2024.