RPP underscores inevitability of street movement amid ‘deepening political crisis’


December 7, 2023


RPP underscores inevitability of street movement amid ‘deepening political crisis’

RPP leaders at a meeting in Kathmandu.

KATHMANDU: A Central Performance Committee meeting of the Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) on Thursday said that the country cannot advance within the existing status quo.

The party underscored the inevitability of a street movement, citing a deepening crisis on political, social, and economic fronts, coupled with perceived failures in leadership and governance.

The meeting also endorsed a proposal advocating for the restoration of monarchy, the reinstatement of a Hindu nation, the abolition of federalism, and a call for good governance and improved livelihoods.

Additionally, RPP Chairman Rajendra Lingden announced plans to collaborate with like-minded political parties, associations, and activists to garner support for the street protests.

The Central Working Committee is scheduled to convene in Kathmandu from December 17 to 19 to further strategize.

Notably, today’s meeting also decided to commemorate Earth Day and National Unity Day on Paush 27th at central and regional levels.

Furthermore, the RPP expressed its intent to participate in the upcoming National Assembly elections.

The responsibility of mobilizing support and engaging with other political entities for this endeavor was assigned to the party’s Political Department Chief and Senior Vice President, Buddhiman Tamang.

Similarly, Vice Chairman Hemjung Gurung has been entrusted with coordinating and facilitating preparations for the by-election in Ilam.