All services except emergency halted at Patan Hospital


November 7, 2023


All services except emergency halted at Patan Hospital

Patan Academy of Health Sciences in Lalitpur. (File photo)

LALITPUR: In protest to a recent violent incident, the doctors and health workers at Patan Hospital in Lalitpur have launched a protest, halting all treatment services barring emergency care.

The demonstration comes after the assault of a hospital doctor by the relatives of two patients who passed away last Saturday.

Following the deaths, the aggrieved family members lashed out at the medical staff involved in their treatment, resulting in a disruptive and unsettling situation.

The protesting medical personnel at Patan Hospital have expressed their concerns in a statement released on Monday.

They have asserted that until the workplace environment is deemed safe and the perpetrators are brought to justice, all non-emergency treatment services will remain suspended.

Alleging the inaction of the hospital administration in apprehending the culprits, the doctors and health workers have condemned the physical and verbal assaults on the healthcare professionals.

They have underscored the severity of the situation, emphasizing that the interference in the delivery of health services is unacceptable and has led to the wrongful detention of some of their colleagues.