SEE AI EXPO 2023: A Collaborative Educational Event on Artificial Intelligence 


May 7, 2023


SEE AI EXPO 2023: A Collaborative Educational Event on Artificial Intelligence 

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KATHMANDU: At a time when Artificial Intelligence is gradually dominating the human world, Pathshala Nepal Foundation organised a two-day SEE AI EXPO 2023 in collaboration with ING Skill Academy.

The exhibition, held at the premises of Pathshala Pre-Uni, New Baneshwor, concluded on Saturday.

A total of 567 people attended the expo that was targeted towards recent SEE graduates and plus two level students who are curious about the world of Artificial Intelligence commonly referred to as AI.

The event featured a range of engaging booths, offering interactive learning experiences powered by AI.

From predicting future career paths, and hands-on tech demos to fun and interactive AI-based games, attendees were treated to various activities and displays.

It was managed by the team at ING Skill Academy with assistance from volunteers and the administration of the Pathshala Pre-Uni Program.

Additionally, career counselling sessions were available through the school administration, according to the organisers.

Sachin Sharma, one of the teachers at Pathshala Pre-Uni said “Pathshala organizes these kinds of programs occasionally for students to teach them about the world outside of books. So, we would like to encourage more and more students to grab such opportunities.”

Since young students are more attracted towards the new phenomenon of AI following the increasing popularity of Chat GPT (generative pre-trained transformer), a chatbot launched by the American AI company Open AI, the Pathshala Pre-Uni organised the first of its kind exhibition.

“Artificial Intelligence or AI is intelligence demonstrated by machines, as opposed to the natural intelligence displayed by humans or animals,” explained Bhushan Luitel, Senior Skill Supervisor at ING Skill Academy, during his presentation to the attendees.

While some fear AI could replace human jobs, Luitel shared a more optimistic outlook. “93 million new jobs will be created through AI by 2030,” said Luitel. These jobs will span various industries and include roles such as machine learning engineers, data analysts, and business intelligence developers. This provides hope that the AI revolution will not lead to widespread job loss, but instead create new opportunities for skilled workers.

Abisha Aryal, an attendee at the event shared, “Attending this event has opened my eyes to the vast potential of AI in both our personal and professional lives. I was amazed to learn that AI is being utilized in diverse fields ranging from cybersecurity to game development.”

Overall, the SEE AI EXPO 2023 provided attendees with a valuable opportunity to learn about the exciting potential of AI and its applications in various industries.

By offering hands-on experiences and informative presentations, the event helped to demystify this rapidly-evolving technology and encourage young students to consider careers in AI.

(By Koshesha Pradhan and Prapti Rijal)