Power supply resumes at Hirapur in Sarlahi


February 7, 2023


Power supply resumes at Hirapur in Sarlahi

Central office of the Nepal Electricity Authority n Kathmandu/File Photo for Representation

SARLAHI: The Hirapur settlement in Barhathawa Municipality-11 in Sarlahi district received an electricity meter after the municipality agreed to clear the previous dues of the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA).

Ward Chairman of Barhathawa Municipality-11 Nabaraj Rai said that the NEA has started the distribution of electricity meters after the municipality office vowed to pay Rs 1.57 million in dues.

“With this, each household in the settlement has installed its personal electricity meter.”

The NEA cut the power supply in the settlement on December 13 after the electricity tariff was not paid by Bisheshwornath community rural electricity cooperative limited though it collected the power tariff from the locals.

The local residents here are getting the power supply through cooperatives for 12 years.

The local residents have claimed that the office-bearers of the cooperative embezzled the fund after collecting from the users.