Bharatpur metropolis launches ‘Mayor Health Program’


December 6, 2023


Bharatpur metropolis launches ‘Mayor Health Program’

Bharatpur Metropolitan City/File photo.

CHITWAN: Bharatpur Metropolitan City has launched the ‘mayor health program’ in collaboration with the community.

Inaugurating the program amid a function here today, the metropolis mayor Renu Dahal said it aims to provide health services to the citizens of the metropolis. People with various health problems detected during the campaign will be referred to the primary health posts at Shivanagar and Sharadanagar, she said. “There is coordination with Bharatpur Hospital for further treatment.”

Under the health program, senior citizens, incapacitated people and disabled people will be provided health tests in particular. Around 25,000 senior citizens above 68 years of age of the metropolis will be reached out for their health tests, she said.

In the first phase, the program will be implemented in 14 wards, said Dipak Subedi, chief of the public health promotion section of the metropolis. The remaining 15 wards will get it in the second phase. In the first and second phases, health workers will reach out to the people in 25 and 25 days each with medicines.

The total 100 health workers will be mobilised for the program. Non-infectious diseases will be focused the most. The metropolis reports around 60 percent of the people with non-communicable diseases, said Subedi. There are a total of 40 health institutions inside the metropolis.

In the event organized under the chairpersonship of the metropolis ward-24 chair Ram Bahadur Godar, the health workers deployed for the program were handed heath equipment. On the occasion, a local Tikaram Bhattarai, 72, got his health tested in the presence of the metropolis mayor Dahal.