NC’s Uddhav Thapa appointed Chief Minister of Koshi Province


July 6, 2023


NC’s Uddhav Thapa appointed Chief Minister of Koshi Province

Newly-appointed Chief Minister of Koshi Province, Uddhav Thapa (R) shakes hands with Koshi Province Chief Parsuram Khapung.

BIRATNAGAR: Uddhav Thapa, leader of the Nepali Congress of Koshi Province Parliamentary Party, has been appointed as the Chief Minister of Koshi.

Koshi Province Chief Parshuram Khapung appointed Thapa as the Chief Minister according to sub-section 2 of Article 168 of the Constitution with the support of two or more parties.

NC leader Thapa was appointed the Chief Minister with the support of the Nepali Congress (29 members), Maoist Centre (13 members, including the Speaker), Unified Samajwadi Party (4 members) and Janata Samajwadi Party (1 member).

Thapa, a resident of Shanishare in Jhapa Arjundhara Municipality, became an MP from the Proportional Representation list in the State Assembly elections.

He is also the President of Koshi Province of Nepali Congress.

Thapa is the first leader to become the Chief Minister from Nepali Congress in Koshi Province.