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Wednesday, July 24th, 2024

Sixteenth Plan outlines vision for good governance, social justice, and prosperity

05 August 2023  

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KATHMANDU: The Approach Paper of the Sixteenth Plan (Fiscal Year 2024/25-2028/29) has been officially endorsed by the National Planning Commission during a full meeting on August 2.

With the slogan “good governance, social justice, and prosperity,” the Sixteenth Plan outlines an ambitious vision for the nation’s development.

The primary objective of the plan is to promote good governance in the political, administrative, and judiciary sectors, while also ensuring social justice in critical areas such as health, education, employment, and housing. Additionally, the plan aims to foster prosperity across all spheres, including social life, economic development, and the national economy.

To achieve these goals, the new Periodic Plan adopts a comprehensive strategy centered on structural transformation. This entails identifying and addressing any structural obstacles that may hinder development activities and implementing effective solutions.

The plan emphasizes the consolidation of the primary sector, development and expansion of the secondary sector, and stabilization of the service sector to strengthen the economic base. Alongside this, there will be a focus on developing a predictable financial system, inclusive mobilization, and stabilizing the external sector while directing financial resources towards production and employment generation.

To boost production and productivity, the plan aims to ensure a timely, quality, and cost-effective supply system for various resources and means of production. It also prioritizes the development and deployment of knowledgeable, skilled, and efficient human resources, leveraging the latest technology and management methods based on research and development.

In terms of employment, the plan outlines a policy to collaborate with the private sector for a national skill development and employment program. It also aims to support entrepreneurship-oriented self-employment by providing initial capital investment assistance and utilizing remittances from foreign employment. The plan emphasizes inclusive employment by empowering marginalized classes and communities, regulating migrant workers, and promoting domestic workers in the domestic labor market.

Education and healthcare are major focus areas of the Sixteenth Plan. It calls for a quality, equitable, and life skills-based education policy, promoting technology-mediated teaching and learning at all levels, and integrating secondary education with entrepreneurship and employment. Furthermore, the plan envisions a strong and accessible healthcare system, aiming to end the compulsion of seeking treatment abroad for specific diseases like cancer and organ transplant.

Under social empowerment and inclusiveness, the plan proposes targeted programs for the empowerment of economically and socially disadvantaged groups and genders, while also aiming to control unwanted and informal transactions to promote a formal competitive market.

The Plan also highlights the efficiency of government budget allocation, prioritizing capital expenditure, and focusing on feasible projects with proper analysis of costs and benefits. Additionally, the plan emphasizes sustainable development, environment protection, and disaster management, urging a shift to clean energy for machines, equipment, and vehicles.

To promote good governance and effective social service delivery, the plan emphasizes technology-based service delivery, administrative efficiency, and measures to combat corruption. It also sets a work schedule for preparing and endorsing the Sixteenth Plan document from the Council of Ministers by February 12, 2024.

Taking into account various factors such as the Constitution of Nepal, national and regional policies, previous plans, and international frameworks like the LDC Graduation Strategy and Sustainable Development Goals, the Sixteenth Plan sets a comprehensive roadmap for the nation’s progress, aligning itself with the changing needs and challenges of the times.


Publish Date : 05 August 2023 13:11 PM

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