NEPSE declines by 17 points, turnover of around Rs two billion


June 5, 2023


NEPSE declines by 17 points, turnover of around Rs two billion

KATHMANDU: The Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) which witnessed a double digit growth on Sudnay saw a decline by 17 points on Monday.

NEPSE dropped by 17.38 points and closed at 1901.99 points on Monday.

While the manufacturing sub-index declined the most by 2.46 percent, the trade sub-index declined by 1.67 percent and other sub-index by 1.51 percent.

Despite the decline in NEPSE, the turnover increased today. In the market that had a turnover of around 1.66 billion on Sunday, had a turnover of 1.97 billion. In 36,568 transactions, 56,20,381 shares of listed securities were traded.

Shivam Cement had the highest turnover of 199.9 million rupees, while IME General Insurance had 98.4 million rupees and Chilime Hydropower had a turnover of 91.9 million rupees today.

A total of 220 listed companies traded on NEPSE on Monday, 166 companies saw a fall.
Similarly, while the share price of 46 companies increased, the share price of 8 companies remained stable. The share price of River Falls Power Limited increased by 10 percent and closed in positive circuit value, while the unit price of Global IME Balance Fund 1 increased by 5.88 percent, the share price of Gorkha Finance increased by 5.22 percent and the share price of BPW Microfinance increased by 4.02 percent.

On the other hand, when the share price of Shivam Cement fell by 4.50 percent, the share price of Joshi Hydropower fell by 4.34 percent and the share price of Mero Microfinance fell by 4.30 percent.