Commercial rafting and kayaking begin in Kaligandaki


January 4, 2023


Commercial rafting and kayaking begin in Kaligandaki

Rafting in Kaligandaki/Photo: RSS

MYAGDI: Commercial rafting and kayaking services have started in the Kaligandaki River that passes through Myagdi district. Hotel Gandaki of Beni municipality-8, Kalipul started the commercial water ride service in the district for the first time.

Hotel operator Gam Pun said rafting and kayaking services are being provided so as to prolong the stay of tourists in Beni.

“The water ride service would help elongate the stay of tourists coming to visit popular tourism sites, including Mustang in Beni”, he added.

“We have developed packages of short and long-distance rafting”, he informed.

The Splice Nepal Adventure Trekking which has been operating rafting services from Nayapul to Mirmi of Parbat has started providing rafting service in Myagdi.

Separate packages from Galeswor to Dobhan (meeting point of two rivers) of Beni, Nayapul and Mirmi of Parbat have been developed.

Rafting guide Home Pun shared that per persons needs to pay Rs 1,200 for rafting for an hour-long Galeshwor-Beni short-distance package.

The cost also includes snacks. A total of eight persons can enjoy rafting at once.

The attraction of rafting is to enjoy scenic beauty of the river banks flowing through the Kaligandaki river wave.

One can observe settlements in the vicinity of the river, falls, mountains and gorge during the water ride.

Second vice-chairperson of Myagdi Chamber of Commerce and Industry Rajesh Shakya said rafting service would help extend the stay of tourists in Beni and boost the local business.

“We expect the new service would elevate dwindling business and tourism sector here”, he noted, adding they have intensified the publicity of historical, religious and tourism destinations to help tourists extend their stay in Beni.