Winning elections through violence morally reprehensible: KP Oli


December 3, 2023


Winning elections through violence morally reprehensible: KP Oli

CPN-UML Chairman KP Oli/File Photo

ACHHAM: Chairman of CPN-UML KP Sharma Oli strongly condemned the act of winning elections through violence, emphasizing that resorting to attacks and killings is morally reprehensible.

Speaking to journalists in Achham on Sunday, Chairman Oli expressed his disapproval of the current trend where elections are won by attacking and killing individuals.

He highlighted his efforts to discourage such practices when he was in the government, contrasting it with the current administration’s leniency towards perpetrators.

UML Chairman Oli also drew attention to specific cases where the present government pardoned murderers, refused prosecution, and promptly withdrew cases, even in instances of life imprisonment sentences.

“It is very unfortunate, killing people, attacking people, the culture of killing, and winning elections by causing harm to individuals is a disgusting phenomenon,” Oli said.

He reiterated that such actions were discouraged even during his tenure in government.

Oli noted with regret that after his departure from the government, there was a surge in murders and violence, emphasizing the need for a change in the prevailing situation.

“The current government pardons the murderer, refuses to prosecute, withdraws the case on the spot if the court sentences him to life imprisonment. Immediately withdrawing the case is not a viable solution; these cases must be pursued, and the culprits need to be punished and imprisoned again,” he added.