Madhesh CM Yadav expanding cabinet


February 3, 2023


Madhesh CM Yadav expanding cabinet

Madhes province Chief Minister Saroj Yadav. (File photo)

JANAKPURDHAM: The Madhes province government has prepared to expand the cabinet today.

According to sources, Madhes Chief Minister Saroj Kumar Yadav has made preparations to expand the cabinet and administer the oath to the newly appointed ministers late afternoon on Friday.

CM Yadav is expanding the cabinet by sharing the seven ministries to CPN UML, Janata Samajwadi Party (JSP), Janamat Party and CPN-Maoist Center.

JSP has been discussing on the names of Surita Sah, Simhan Singh Kalwar,and Pramod Jaiswal to be sent as its ministers in the Madhes cabinet.

Similarly, the names of Rajkumar Lekhi and Sarada Thapa are in discussion from UML. Maoist Center in Madhes is discussing over the names of Bharat Prasad Shah and Sunita Yadav for the cabinet.

Similarly, Janamat party is likely to send Mahesh Yadav as its representative in Madhes government.

Earlier, CM Yadav, a parliamentary party leader of JSP, was appointed as the Chief Minister on January 11, and formed a three-member cabinet on the January 13.