UML lambasts government’s ‘ineffectiveness’ in Parliament


November 2, 2023


UML lambasts government’s ‘ineffectiveness’ in Parliament

Vice Chairman of CPN-UML Bishnu Paudel/File Photo

KATHMANDU: Vice Chairman of CPN-UML Bishnu Paudel has accused the government of hindering the effectiveness of the Parliament.

Speaking during today’s meeting of the House of Representatives (HoR), UML leader Paudel expressed disappointment with the session’s progress.

Paudel expressed concern over the government’s inefficiency, citing it as a significant barrier to the House’s effective functioning.

He also lamented the current session’s lackluster performance, firmly placing the blame on the government for its shortcomings.

Paudel questioned, “Why and because of whom has the House been unable to function effectively?”

UML Vice Chairman Paudel also criticized the coalition government, emphasizing its apparent failure across various sectors.

Paudel also emphasized that the responsibility for the House’s inefficiency primarily lies with the government, rather than the parliamentarians and the assembly, contrary to popular belief.

He also alleged that the government’s attitude and activities were the main hindrances to the House’s effectiveness.

“The government’s reluctance to facilitate effective proceedings in the House is evident,” he stated.

Asserting the significance of the opposition’s voice, he remarked, “The Parliament is believed to represent the opposition’s perspective worldwide. When the opposition speaks, the ruling party should lend an attentive ear.”

He added, “Unfortunately, our legitimate demands often go unheard, forcing us to raise our voices and resort to more assertive measures.”

He added that the situation of obstruction in the House could only be resolved by acknowledging the validity of the opposition’s stance.